Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night, my dad called me, totally out of the blue. He never calls me! He wanted to check how I’m doing since the break-up with Adam. Sweet, eh? And, very uncharacteristic of my dad. I am glad to say that I was able to tell him that I’m doing well. Of course, I’m not totally over it (it’s too soon), but I’m over the worst part. Yeah for me! Dad was a good listener and at the end of the call he quoted that oft-quoted phrase, “When God shuts a door, he opens a window”. I got thinking about it and realized that there actually are a few windows in my life. Let me tell you about them - just keep in mind that things with each “window” are at the very earliest beginning stages. In fact, I probably shouldn’t mention any of these guys unless something substantial develops with them, but I’m going to anyway. Because I can.

Lincoln: His sister is one of our FedEx drivers. She came in the day after Adam and I broke up and noticed that I wasn’t very happy. When I told her why, she wanted to set me up with her brother, Lincoln. I ended up giving her my phone number and she gave it to him; he’s called several times in the past couple weeks. He lives in Las Vegas and works in construction. He likes to hunt and fish and owns his own home. He doesn’t like to read. I’m not sure if he’s LDS. He seems like a sincerely nice guy. That said, I’m not feeling anything. Mom says it’s too soon after Adam and that I’m comparing talking to Lincoln with talking to Adam. And, there’s really no comparison; talking to Adam was better. On Mom’s advice, I’m trying not to be too quick to judge him and his potential, but I’m really not feeling anything.

Aaron: My boss has wanted to set me up with Aaron since April, but I didn’t want to for two reasons – 1) Adam and 2) I don’t really like blind dates. However, my last blind date was actually quite fun and I’m really open to possibilities right now, so I said okay. Aaron is a co-founder of Infowest, a local internet provider, and lives about 30 miles away. My boss says he’s really shy and backwards when it comes to women. Great. Good thing I’m talkative and outgoing. Supposedly, we’re going out (on a triple date!) this weekend, but my boss hasn’t given me definite details yet.

Adam: No, not that Adam, a different Adam. I met him last weekend at my friend Celeste’s house. He’s only here for this school year, getting a Master’s in Communication, and then he’ll return to BYU Idaho where he’s been teaching for two years. He seems like a very smart guy, generally cheerful and easy-going, and Celeste said it seemed like he liked me. We did flirt a little, lightly. However, I really doubt anything will come of it. I honestly just included him in this list because his name starts with A, as did the names of my former guy, the last guy, AND the next guy… (I like patterns)

Anthony: Yes, my ex work crush. Two weeks ago, I tested all the employees at his work and, of course, saw him. We talked a bit and he told everyone in the place that he knows me. I know this because almost all of them said to me, “So, you know Anthony?” with a knowing look on their faces. One guy even added, “He’s a really great guy, you know.” Before you accuse me of reading too much into this, let me add that the safety coordinator started the day off with telling me that Anthony has a crush on me. Startled, I asked why she thinks this. She said he spent 30 minutes telling her how great I am and all the reasons why I’m great. Then last Friday he texted me and asked how I was doing and if I had any plans for that night. I did. So, he asked if I had plans for Saturday night. I did. Then I asked him over to my house to watch a movie on Sunday (don’t be disappointed in me, Cardine, I told you I’m weak when it comes to him!). He couldn’t. Sigh. Haven’t heard from him since. Who knows what will happen – if anything.

The chances that things with any of these guys will progress are slim to none, but it is nice to have windows to distract me. We’ll see if any of them actually get opened.


Framed said...

I love open windows. I vote against Lincoln. He may be wonderful but we already have a wonderful Lincoln in the family. And I tend to get confused.

Alyson said...

That's funny Framed because when she told me about Lincoln, I said he must be the one because our family is destined to have duplicate names. I don't really think that though.

Adam (the new one) is the only one of the list that I haven't heard about. I'm glad you have open windows, and even if they aren't the right windows, it's good to keep them open for a little while.

Cassie said...

I wouldn't mind few open windows. That's exciting though and a nice distraction to think about.

tearese said...

The one who doesn't like to read, Linoln..I don't think that would fit well with you, who reads a lot and are well educated.
Backwards with women..I don't see you meshing well with someone like that either, as you're so social and outgoing. The others sound okay though!

Cardine said...

Julie, I'm not going to be disappointed in you if you invite someone over to watch a movie! Just be careful during this time of susceptibility. That's all.

I like having stuff going on, even if it's nothing really. It's just a good reminder that there are guys out there. I admit that sometimes I forget that there are.

James & Melissa's Family said...

Julie I am glad to hear that you are doing better. And glad to see that you have some options when it comes to new guys. That's always a good thing.

I am feeling better finally and staying busy. Like always.
My mom is doing better also. She is out of town this week with her soon to be husband.

Thanks for keeping in touch even if it is just thrugh blog comments. It's better that nothing. Take care.

julie said...

Cardine, I knew you wouldn't actually be disappointed, but since we had talked about this, I thought you may be a little wary - though that's not the word, either. Anyway, I will certainly try to be careful. :)

Melissa, glad you're feeling better and that your mom is also.

Framed, I remember thinking when I heard what S and J were naming their son that I didn't know anyone with that name. Now I know of two people (and haven't met either of them!). Life is funny.

Aly, my goal in life is to marry a man who doesn't share a name with anyone else in our family.

Just kidding, of course!!

Tearese, I'm also concerned about those two things, but frankly, all four have things to be concerned about. Who doesn't??

Cassie, I'm hoping for open windows for you!