Thursday, January 15, 2009


Years ago, I struggled with this question: How can I be content with where I am while working on accomplishing my dreams? I was "stuck" in school in Utah but really wanted to be living adventures in France or anywhere else (but mostly France). How to dream about the future without neglecting the present's potential? It was a long struggle, but in time I found the answer.


Since then, I've been amazed by how often Balance is the answer to my problems. Life, it turns out, is a big balancing act. That's not good news for someone as balance-challenged as myself. Oh! I could tell you stories that would make you cringe and laugh simultaneously! There was this time on my mission when... never mind, I'm getting off-topic. Sorry.

Fortunately, I'm learning to Balance better than I balance. The past few weeks, I've relearned an important Balance equation. Here it is:

Enough sleep + exercise + eating sensibly + spiritual nourishment + social interactions + just enough "me" time = A Happy Julie

Seems simple enough, eh? So why do I ever choose to un-Balance myself by neglecting any of these variables? (And they are true variables; what quantities work for me probably won't work for anyone else.)

Lately, I'm happy. I'm Balanced.

I'm finally sleeping well again - no insomnia and I don't hurt every time I move in bed so I sleep through the night.

I ride my bike twice a day for 15-20 minutes each time.

I'm eating sensibly (maybe too "sensibly" but that's a post for my other blog).

These factors have led to significant weight loss, and I feel the difference. I feel lighter. My clothes fit better. Or worse, in some cases; my favorite shirt is rapidly becoming too big.

I pray every night. I'm committed to church-attendance, if for no other reason than to be Obedient.

I'm no longer a hermit. In the coming weeks, I have various plans with friends and family; Ninja tomorrow, girls night next week, and cousins weekend next month, to name a few. Every week night, I enjoy the company of my roommates. We talk, we watch tv, we laugh. I love them!

They are the perfect roommates for me because every weekend I get my place to myself. I clean. I read. I do nothing. I cook. I watch movies. This weekend, I'm starting a puzzle.

The only thing I feel could be added to the equation is Service. I have a few ideas, one in particular that I really like, on how I'm going to bring further Balance to my life through serving others. I'll keep you posted because I'm kind of excited about it and hope it works out.

In Economics classes, I learned how many economic principles strive to reach an equilibrium. In theory, we can say what the perfect supply and demand balance (as an example) should be in a variety of different circumstances. In the real world, the economy never reaches an equilibrium - it's too complex; however, the various principles still work to get it as close as possible, though something then comes and sends it off in another direction.

So, until the next "something" comes along to send me off in one direction or another, I'm enjoying my time as close to Equilibrium as I tend to get.


Mellissa said...

You're very impressive. It seems like you have your balance issued calibrated. I hope you continue to be a "happy Julie."

tearese said...

I'm glad your life is in a good spot right now. I am always feeling off balance, and really need to work on that!

Cardine said...

Yeah... I have noticed that I have been a little off balance lately. I almost perpetually live my life out of balance. That's when I stress out. I think I'll try to put it in balance a little more. I have made a little progress this week already.

warnser said...

So I really like this blog. Your writing is so good. And balance, that's good too. I do like this blog. It's so true, balance is so good. I think I may try it, at least a little.
Thanks for writing.