Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I Think

1. I'm so happy for my ex-roomie who just got engaged!

2. When will it be me?

3. Will it ever?

4. I love this song. ("Seat Next To You" - Bonjovi)

5. What movie should I see tonight?

6. Anything is better than watching another episode of American Idol!

7. What am I cooking for tomorrow night?

8. Talk about procrastination - I need to grocery shop tonight!

9. I'm excited to try risotto for the first time - I've heard it's yummy.

10. Does he like me?

11. Is it time to dye my hair?

12. Would I look good with green eyes?

13. Alyson's eyes are so pretty.

14. Boy, food gets stuck in my "new" teeth a lot more than it did in my old teeth.

15. I may be losing my appetite for red meat.

16. Lately it tastes weird.

17. Better than Slim Fast, though!

18. I love it when Cardine drops by my office.

19. She looks good in purple.

20. I’m thirsty.


Cardine said...

Aw, thanks, Julie! I need to listen to that Bon Jovi song; I'm not sure I know which one it is.

I really liked this blogging idea. And I totally agree with #1.

Anonymous said...

Hey... I'm your ex-roomie... was it me...?

Oh, wait... I guess I'd be the first to know... if it was. *Sigh* I guess that means I agree with #2.

And I'd like to know about #10. I think I'll be calling you soon.

Booklogged said...

I'm pondering #3. What are YOU fixing for dinner tomorrow night?

Emily said...

I really enjoyed this blog Julie. Its fun to see other people have some of the same thoughts that run through my head.

Mellissa said...

That was a great insight into your thoughts. However, if you EVER change those blue eyes of yours I shall have to destroy you. "Don't even think about," as Riley puts it.
My sister-in-law says the same thing about her teeth. And now the pressure to make the Risotto just right is on. I hope it's up to par!

tearese said...

Its always fun to hear people's random thoughts. Do I know the person who got engaged? Probably not.

julie said...

Cardine, it's a good song; it took a bit of listening to the album for this song to stand out, but now I really like it. Thanks again for stopping by yesterday!

Sarah, you are my ex-roomie, but no, it wasn't you. Sorry. Someday I'll write that sentence and it will be you! It was great chatting with you last night!

Book, I decided to make a new chicken recipe - Healthy Fried Chicken. I hope it turns out!

Emily, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. What are some of the thoughts that have been running through your head lately?

Missy, I'm sorry, but someday I'm going to just HAVE TO see what I'd look like with green eyes! Thanks for liking my blue eyes, though! Remember, I've never had risotto, so your version will become the standard that all the others will have to live up to. I know it'll be great!

Tearese, I lived with her right before Sarah, so it was after you had moved.

Alyson said...

This was such a fun blog to read. And of course, the complement was nice too...thanks! I think you would look stunning with green eyes, but I might be a little partial to green eyes. I love your blue eyes too, though, so no pressure to change them. :) Love you!