Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Funk Busters

As mentioned earlier, I've been a little down-in-the-dumps lately. That good cry I had did a lot to boost me out of the pit, but I realized that a bit more climbing needed to be done to get all the way out. I wasn't feeling as bad as before but wasn't quite my usual self.

So, I made some goals that are designed to help me get back to normal. I figure August is as good a time as any to make goals.

My Goals for August and Beyond:

1. Say 3 nice things about my boss every work day. I really like my boss, he's like a brother to me, but lately I've been unhappy with him. Since I still have 17 months left of my verbal contract, and quitting just because of a rough patch is stupid anyway, I thought long and hard how to overcome this bad attitude of mine. I can't do anything about the things he's doing to bother me except to react to them better. I chose this goal because it will help remind me of all the reasons why he's such a great guy and why I like him so much. Also, my coworker and I kind of egg each other on when we complain about our boss; if I'm saying nice things about him, I'm not encouraging her, she's not encouraging me, and we all feel better.

2. Walk 5 times a week. I am committed to this goal. So much so that I have changed my work schedule to help me accomplish it. You see, my evenings are so rarely free. Even when they are, I'm usually too tired or it's raining or something else keeps me from walking. I've tried unsuccessfully to wake up an hour earlier to walk in the mornings, but my body totally doesn't want to wake up at 6:30 if it doesn't have to. And, it doesn't consider walking as "having to". So, I now work 10am to 6pm, still wake up at 7:30, and walk for about 45 minutes. Today was my first day and it felt great. However, I'm worried that working 'til 6pm is going to be difficult to get used to. Oh well. It's a small price to pay.

3. No fast food. Exception: when travelling, but then I'll try to order healthier options. I think bad food = bad attitude. I'm not getting the nutrients I need to stay healthy, so I feel crappy. Plus, I've gained weight which really doesn't help the attitude. Now that I have a kitchen in which to cook (Yeah!!!), I can cook more, eat healthier, and start feeling better. However, as I discovered last week, just having a kitchen doesn't solve all woes. It has to be stocked with food that I want to eat. Last week I didn't go grocery shopping because I was leaving at the end of the week for a reunion, so by Wednesday I didn't have any food! Not just food I didn't feel like eating - I had NO FOOD. So, I ate out Wednesday and Thursday. Tsk tsk. Lesson learned.

4. One movie a week. I've been working too hard. I know that goes against the lack of motivation I talked about last time, but before that I was working too hard too often. No wonder I stopped wanting to work - it was all I had been doing for a couple months! So, in an effort to play a little (sitting on the couch watching Food Network doesn't count), I'll watch one movie a week. It doesn't have to be in a theatre, nor does it even have to be a rental. I have several movies at home that I enjoy watching that I don't view nearly as often as I could. However, there are several movies that have come out, or that are about to come out, that I would like to see, so I'm starting a list. Last week I watched Mummy 3. This week I'm not sure what I'll watch - maybe I'll rent something at Redbox tonight.

5. Church. I've started reading my scriptures nightly again (I stopped when I moved and couldn't find my French copy - even though my English copy was at the foot of my bed!), praying, and plan on attending my church meetings regularly again - starting this Sunday (though not my own ward - I'm visiting friends this weekend). It's a simple truth that doing these three things help me stay balanced and in good spirits. Why I ever stop, I have no idea.

Already, as I've started to work on these 5 goals, I feel better - even with the cold that's been coming on. Even though my body is getting sick, my spirits are healing. It feels good.

P.S. This has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to mention it, just to keep you updated. Tomorrow night someone is coming to look at my room for rent. She's the only female who has shown interest in it, and from what I know of her at this point (very little), she has potential to be a fairly good fit. I'll let you know how it goes. :)


Anonymous said...

I like the title of your post. And those are all very inspiring goals - thanks for sharing them.

It was fun talking to you tonight. Thanks for listening. And I can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Alyson said...

Sounds like you have some great goals to bust your funk. :) I'm sure they will work...and hopefully a visit from cousins in a week and a half will help as well.

Love you!!!

Lori Clark said...

Sounds like some good goals, I could add some of those to my list. I need to read my scriptures, I've been slacking since I had Lindsey. On the food thing, my mood is so much better when I limit the sweets, but it is hard, I haven't been doing very good lately.

Cardine said...

Um... so these are really good. May I steal them and implement them in my own life?

Also, really, thanks for being a great listener!

julie said...

Sarah, thanks. The title was inspired by the show Myth Busters. I love it. It was fun talking to you, too! I enjoyed hearing about what's going on with you. See you soon!

Aly, I think a cousins weekend will add tons of joy to my life - I'm really looking forward to your visit! Love you, too.

Lori, I have a really hard time limiting sweets - which is why I don't! Maybe someday. Baby steps, baby steps. :)

Cardine, of course! I felt kind of silly writing these goals because they're really things everyone could do to be happier (maybe not #1 - depends on if you know my boss or not). They aren't very exotic or "cool" or original, I guess is what I mean. I enjoyed listening - thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

I too really like your goals and want to incorporate them into my life. The first goal is great, especially if you have some one that you are not happy with or have woes with. A little positive reinforcment can go a long way to making things better.

Was the Mummy 3 good? My kids really want to see it, but we may have to watch the first two again and wait until the 3rd comes out on DVD.

Did you enjoy your zucchini? Let me know if you ever want any more. I will have some yellow squash with in the next week or so, do you want any?

julie said...

Melissa, the zucchini was great - thank you! I was lazy and just cut half of it up and steamed it with butter. Mmmm. Yummy! Oh, and the turnips made a great addition to my pot roast. And, I was right about the peas - they didn't make it home. A good afternoon snack. Thank you so much for sharing the bounty of your garden with me. I will NEVER turn fresh veggies down!

tearese said...

You're renting out a room? Cool, I hope that works out. Yeah, I've done horribly on scripture reading since I got married, and I know it causes some problems with my attitude. Good luck with the walking!

Madman said...

Good luck with your goals. I hope you accomplish them!

Cassie said...

I'm all about the Movie a week goal. I've been having a hard time following that one. Okay not really but it seems like I don't have much time anymore. However, I am planning on bringing you another movie to borrow and watch when I come down in hopefully my new car!!

julie said...

Tearese, I'm playing around with the idea of renting out one of my rooms. I like the idea of the money but am not as thrilled with the idea of sharing my kitchen. If I find someone who I think would fit, then I'll rent out the room. No hurry.

Madman, thanks. For everything.

Cassie, yeah it's strangely a hard goal to accomplish. Take last night - I ended up not watching a movie. I'm hoping to do so tonight because I'm leaving town tomorrow and probably won't watch a movie! So, it's tonight or not at all. I'm in the mood for "Hero" with Jet Li. Ooo, ooo - what movie??? I really enjoyed Lars and the Real Girl, thanks for loaning it to me!

Mellissa said...

I'm glad to hear your spirits are lifted. I hope your goals help to keep your spirits up.

Have fun cooking in your kitchen. There are lots of delicious and healthy recipes out there. I just wish I could make them.....

julie said...

Missy, I know - I have problems cooking all those recipes, too. In fact, on average it takes me at least two times of trying to make something before it turns out perfectly. Take pot roast, for example. It's easy to make, right? Not for me. The first time I made it, the meat was too dry. I corrected that this time, but put too much pepper in (I love pepper). Sigh. Next time it should be wonderful! Fortunately, Albertson's was having a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" sale when I bought the roast, so I have another one in my freezer! Yeah!

Framed said...

Very impressive list. I need to do a few of these things. I am reading my scriptures, almost done with B of M. Maybe if I do a few more of your suggestions, I will get out of my funk.