Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My Neighbors
I knew it was going to happen, I knew I'd end up liking them instead of being able to maintain the bitter feelings I had against them. Last night, I was reading on my porch after talking to my cousin, Aly, and they came home from a walk. They said hi, I said hi, and I decided to try to be a little neighborly by asking how they enjoy their new home. We ended up talking 'til after 11pm. It's true, I can talk 'til I'm blue in the face to just about anyone, but I really like these two (Allison and Travis). We talked about our condos; the things we liked, the things we wished were different, etc. We chatted about school (they are attending the local university, church (we go to the same church, though they probably wouldn't have guess it for awhile if I hadn't have mentioned it because *ahem* I haven't attended for several weeks and will be missing the next two), books, movies, our lives, etc. They were really easy to converse with and I took a lot of pleasure in spending time with them. Oh, and I found out that the other 2-bedroom condo on our floor has been purchased, so I was going to get neighbors no matter what, so how could I stay bitter? They are a young, attractive couple, married in May, and just as nice as can be. I like them and I'm glad we're neighbors. There, I said it.

My Roommate
This is a less happy story, but I hope it has the same conclusion. Actually, to be fair, I think I could really get to like my roommate, Liz, but she is never there without her fiance, Jeff. Turns out that "his house" is really his family's house, so of course they're going to spend all their time at our house; no parents! Still, it wouldn't be horrible except Jeff thinks we should all be the best of friends and keeps suggesting things we can all do together. That's not how I roll, buddy, but thanks anyway. I don't want to be unsociable, or make her feel like I don't want her there, because, like I said, I think I could like her a lot. I just need to adjust to having someone in my house, and it isn't helping that there's two people instead of just one. I'm such a baby.

My Condo
I love it more every day. One of these days, I'm going to take pictures and post them so you can all see it, although most of you already have. :)

My Vacation
That's right, I'm going on vacation - a 7-day cruise to Canada and New England. I'm driving up to my cousin's house Friday evening, and she, my aunt (her mom) and I are flying to Boston Saturday evening. The ship leaves Boston Sunday and we have four ports; St. John, Halifax, Sydney (all three in Canada), and Bar Harbor, Maine. I am so excited! I hear there's French spoken in those parts of Canada! Wouldn't that just be too awesome for words (unless they're French, then hopefully the words will positively flow and I won't sound like an idiot)! As I planned what clothes I'm taking, I prepared for the weather to be hot and humid. Last night, I suddenly remembered that this cruise is going to be a little different than my last two cruises - I'm headed north, not south. So, today I looked up the weather for our port cities and the average temp in September is in the mid-60's! How fantastic is that?? I may actually have to wear a jacket! It makes me happy. I'll try to remember to take pictures and I'll try to post them when I get back. Really, I'll try. So, don't expect to hear from me next week, I'll be back on Sunday the 7th.

Au Revoir!


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! I can't wait to hear all about it!

tearese said...

wow how fun! That sucks about the roomate. I think my roommates were annoyed when Joseph came over a lot, but at least there were four of them. Its different when there is just one of you.

KieraAnne said...

My roommates hated it when Patrick came around all the time. I remember them asking if we could just have one Patrick free day (as he was there literally every day). I thought this was a little silly since we hung out in my room and the only time they saw him was when he was coming or leaving, but whatever. Hope everything works out! :) The cruise sounds fun, I'm jealous. I keep trying to convince Patrick that we should go up to canada some time, but it hasn't worked so far.

sar said...

Have fun in Canada (and Maine), how could you not with the temp in the 60's? Sorry about the roommate news. I can't say its exactly suprising. But as you said things may turn out fine in the end.

julie said...

Tearese and Kiera, I can commiserate with your roommates. I can totally understand why Liz and Jeff would want to hang out together, really, I can. It's just that I feel like I'm not getting any time to get to know her as an individual - just as half of a couple. And, I wouldn't mind him being there if he wouldn't try to get me to join in with whatever they're doing. Last night, he wanted me to eat with them, play a game with them, go to the store with them (I said no to all three). And, Jeff is literally there every day. She and I are absolutely never there alone (except after 11pm when he leaves). Oh well. At least it's not a permanent condition. :)

julie said...

Sarah, thanks - I'll be sure to write a post about my trip sometime (with or without pictures).

Sar, yeah, I'm really looking forward to temps in the 60's, especially since my cousin said there's also slight possibilities of rain! Yipee!

Kiera, I hope someday you're able to get Patrick to go to Canada with you. I've really enjoyed the parts I've visited (Montreal, Ottawa, and surrounding areas)!

Melissa said...

Have a GREAT Trip!

Booklogged said...

So glad I read your post today. I was going to email you three and wish you a lovely trip, but I was going to wait until Sat. And you DO need to take lots of pictures and share them. I can't wait to hear and see all about it.

BTW - it's St. John's you'll be visiting. St. John is in Newfoundland. Very confusing!

Booklogged said...

Sounds terrible about your roommate situation. I would absolutely HATE having the fiance around all the time! Glad the neighbors turned out to be nice.

Mellissa said...

Yeah for nice neighbors who seem like a good fit for you! Sorry about the roommate situation. I have no idea what I would do in a situation like that because I am so terrible at saying no. Good luck and hopefully it will end soon and peacefully. Have fun, fun, fun on your cruise! I was trying to think of something to write in French but nothing was coming. Sorry. I know that toodle-oo is derived from some French phrase meaning, "until a later hour?" But I can't remember how to write it.

The Farmer's Wife said...


Have fun on your vacation....that sounds great!

warnser said...

Good post.
I'm glad you like your neighbors
It was fairly inevitable that you'd get some sometime.
Wow party of three all the time,
I feel for you.

But I'm glad you do like your roommate, or at least don't hate her.

Anyway, have a good one.