Friday, August 08, 2008

Movie Theatre Neighbors

I love going to movies on nights when most people don't go. Years ago, I would go to a movie every Thursday night because the theatre by my house was practically empty on Thursday nights. In fact, there were nights when I'd be the only patron in the entire place (6 theatres)! I loved it.

However, there is one aspect of going to a sparsely populated movie that has the potential to drive me batty. I get there early (as is my nature), sit in the middle of the back row, and patiently wait for the movie to begin. Then, a few minutes before the show starts, someone comes into the theatre, looks at all the empty seats, and decides that the one in front of/right next to me is the best option. I wouldn't mind if the theatre was packed, but it's EMPTY! What are they thinking?

Well, last night I was informed that I'm getting neighbors. There are 6 empty condos in my building and 8 empty condos in the adjacent building. This couple decided that the one right next to me was the best option for them! They close on the 14th. I have less than a week to enjoy the absolute privacy that I've learned to love. I can sit on my porch and know that probably nobody will ever notice I'm there - the building is far off the road and I'm on the 3rd floor - who looks up at the 3rd floor? Now I'll have neighbors that will sit out there when I'm sitting out there. Neighbors who will come home from grocery shopping while I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.

I know I'm not being very neighborly, but don't worry, I'll be better once I've gotten accustomed to the idea. I'll even bake them some brownies (I don't do cookies) to welcome them to my...I mean "the"...building. It's just that in my mind I figured the unit next to mine would be one of the last units to go. It only has 2 bedrooms and isn't significantly cheaper than a 3 bedroom unit. Plus, it's on the third floor! Who wants to have to go up those stairs every day??? I can't fault their logic; I had the same thoughts - my side of the condo has the best view of the mountains and surrounding area (mine is the best because I'm on the end) and when you're on the 2nd floor you have to worry about the people below and above you. Annoying.

Still, I can't help but feel like they are honing in on my perfect seat at the theatre. *sigh*

I hope I like them so I can stop resenting them. :)


Madman said...

Never stop resenting them! Allow that resentment to fester and grow until it becomes a full-blown feud, even if only on your side.

It's fun, really!

tearese said...

I know exactly how you feel. (And going to the movies alone can be the best!) Hey, maybe they'll end up being some of your best friends?

Mellissa said...

Ahhh, neighbors. That are renting. That are going to college. That play football. And have football buddies. And have parties with their football buddies and their girlfriends until all hours of the night every Friday night. Oh, wait, sorry. Those are my neighbors. Sorry your peace will be put on hold. I pray for you that they're quiet as church mice.

Lori Clark said...

I know what you mean, we were practically alone on our street when people built next door, and they of course built their garage on the side where our bedrooms are with their loud modified mufflers. Plus they went and dug out their lot so it was level causing a five-foot difference from our yard to theirs, which cost us an additional $5000 for a retaining wall so we could build a fence. Oh, no, I'm not bitter, but it's done and there is nothing I can do about it. Really they are nice people but we don't have much in common.

Cardine said...

I live at home.

No, seriously, that totally stinks, unless, of course, they happen to be really, really cool, in which case, it'll be awesome!

julie said...

I know I'm being a little childish, thanks guys for not calling me on it! I've just really enjoyed having that area to myself. *pout*

Hopefully, they'll be great neighbors. Hopefully, I'll be a great neighbor. Thankfully, they don't have kids. Hopefully, they'll wait a long time to have kids.

I'm sure it'll be fun having neighbors. *positive thinking*

Alyson said...

Maybe they won't go out on the balcony. :) Here's hoping you at least still get that as a private area in your building.

Framed said...

The sellers probably used you as an incentive to buy. "The condo next door is owned by a quiet well-behaved single girl who is rarely home." If you had known they were showing the condo next door, you could have hung dirty laundry on the balcony and turned up the heavy metal. On the other note, I hate when people sit near me in an empty theater. And they always have noisy kids or text all through the movie.