Thursday, August 14, 2008

Odd Occurrences

Odd Occurrence #1: This past weekend, I was visiting friends in Logan and one friend had a photo album with pictures from when she was in high school. I found pictures of myself in them, one picture was from a dance I attended with my boyfriend, the first love of my life. I got kind of sentimental thinking about him and "the good 'ol days". Then, as it usually happens when you think about someone you haven't seen for awhile, I saw this guy's parents, who I hadn't see in ages. Okay, I know that's not how it's suppose to happen, but it's what happened this time. His mom showed me pictures of my ex and his brand-new baby girl (one week). He looked as goofy and as good-looking as I always thought he was back in the day. While she showed me pictures, his dad caught me up with what's been happening in K's life. Just before they left, she patted my hand and said, "You know, we always expected him to marry you and I was so glad because we liked you so much." Ouch. Nice, but ouch!

Odd Occurrence(s) #2: This has happened all week, so at what point does it cease to be "odd" and become "routine"? Anyhoo, my cell phone is set to go off three times in the morning; 7:10, 7:20, and 7:30. The first two are to drag me out of a deep sleep and the third is to get my behind out of bed. Doesn't always work, but it's a pretty good system in general. Well, every day this week, at exactly the same time as the third alarm, the sun rises above the mountains and shines directly on me through my east-facing window. It's like a double whammy: sun and alarm. The sun must currently be at the perfect angle to achieve this feat, so I'm expecting it to stop happening any day now. I only hope that it rises above the mountains after 7:30, not before.

Side note: I love my bedroom because of the light its two large windows let in. Currently, at night, my south-facing window allows beautiful moonbeams to fall on my bed and it's glorious. *sigh*

Odd Occurrence #3: This is my favorite. Teehee. Tuesday evening, after a long day, I returned home and climbed up the flight of stairs to my condo. As I did so, I got a perfect view into the bedroom of the house across the fence. It's been empty lately, so I was a bit surprised to see a man who had just finished removing all his clothes! Honestly, I didn't mean to look, it was just in front of me! And, because it took a second or so for my brain to register what I was seeing, I got a healthy look. *blush*

I love it when life throws little curve balls at me. Nothing too life-changing, just things that make me go "hmm" or "teehee" or even *blush*.


Cardine said...

Oy! Yeah. I have totally had way too many naked men experiences lately. Way to many = more than zero.

And, yeah, how bittersweet for K's mom to say that. So nice, yet, so ... ouch. If all moms chose wives for their sons, the world would be a different place. But, I would proabably still be single. Moms don't usually like me.

Ah, the moonbeams sounded great!

Framed said...

You don't get out of bed until 7:30??? That's decadent.
I love moonbeams also.

Madman said...

Hmmm, I never knew you had voyeuristic tendencies. Good to know.

Alyson said...

LOL at that last one!! I have had no naked men experiences in a really long time.

As soon as I read Cardine's comment I thought, "If all mom's chose wives for their sons, Mike and his brothers would have never gotten married." Hehehe.

tearese said...

Oh my, are you serious about that last one? Wow. They need to invest in some curtains!
I love that your bedroom has two windows. I love big windows.

julie said...

Cardine, me too. Remember what I told you and Shiree this weekend??? Yikes! And, about moms; I'd be married by now. I've had a few moms tell me that they wished/thought I'd marry their sons. Too bad the sons and I didn't agree. Moonbeams ARE great!

Framed, yes 7:30 is decadent. It's also the earliest I can wake up unless I'm out doing hearing tests. Then I'm able to wake up at 4:30 if need be (yuck!).

Madman, you didn't know this about me??? Hmmm. I guess I had more secrets than I thought! Waahaha!

Aly, I wonder sometimes if my mom is like Mike's. I bet if she chose wives for her sons they'd never be married. No one is good enough. I know she loves the daughter-in-laws she has, though.

Tearese, yeah, I was pretty shocked. I wonder if he saw me because the next day he put up vertical blinds! Thank heavens! I love large windows, too. Seriously, they were a big selling point in buying my condo. Every morning I wake up and think about how wonderful those windows are - the light shining in, the view of the mountains, the tree tops. I love it.

Mellissa said...

It's too bad the things people say to be nice, sometimes hurt more than feel good. The way you feeling about running into K's parents, is the way I feel about running into several sets of parents. D's and C's to be specific.

About the sunshine. Be grateful you're not in my shoes (or bed, I guess) because I have a two-year-old alarm that pulls my eyelids up at 6:00 a.m. and says, "Wake up. I'm hungry." Yeah. Kids.

As for the naked neighbor, wow. Glad it wasn't me!

Booklogged said...

I love your windows and how light your condo is. There's only one man I would care to see naked and I'm not telling who! Sleeping until 7:30 - boy, I'm ultimately spoiled. My mother-in-law would never have picked me. She really did not like me and that caused some interesting problems.